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Light for an active start into the day

For styling in the morning or a relaxed bath in the evening, the lighting in the bathroom must meet various requirements and also be safe. Electricity and water are known not to be compatible. A well thought-out lighting concept is essential.

To get the day off to an active start, not only coffee in the morning helps, but the right lighting mood in the bathroom also plays an important role. A ceiling luminaire can provide sufficiently bright basic lighting. If, ideally, it can also be dimmed, the light colour can be adjusted to suit the mood. Spotlights installed in the ceiling also provide bright basic lighting and can also be specifically aligned or act as spot lighting. For a cosy evening bath, a warmer light colour is required to forget stressful everyday life and let your soul dangle in the cosy ambient light. Wall luminaires underline a warm atmosphere of well-being and provide decorative accents through their indirect light, which visually enhance the bathroom.

When buying bathroom luminaires, special attention must be paid to IP protection. In contrast to living rooms, bathroom luminaires are exposed to special requirements on a daily basis. Moisture or splashes of water in connection with electricity pose great risks. It is therefore advisable to have the installation, installation and connection carried out by a specialist.