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Atmospheric light invites you to dream

The bedroom is the most important place to relax and unwind, to recharge one's batteries for stressful everyday life. The lighting atmosphere plays a particularly important role, providing peace and comfort, the best prerequisites for one's own balance. A well thought-out lighting concept is indispensable here.

The ceiling light as the main light source creates the basis for the basic mood through its area-wide illumination and enables the best possible overview. As ceiling lamps in bedrooms, recessed spotlights or pendant luminaires are suitable alternatives to classic ceiling luminaires. By using spotlights, certain pieces of furniture or room areas can be specifically illuminated. A combination of direct and indirect light enables harmonious and flexible room design. For relaxation or pleasant reading light, bedside lamps or wall luminaires can be used to illuminate desired areas and their indirect light creates a cosy atmosphere. The classic bedside lamp with lampshade or adjustable wall spots is a question of your own taste and furnishing style.

In our assortment you will find a large selection of dimmable ceiling lights, bedside lamps and wall lights.