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Lighting solutions for multifunctional kitchens

The kitchen, as the centre of the home, fulfils various functions and in many respects requires versatile interior lighting. A harmonious lighting concept in the kitchen is essential for perfect cooking pleasure or colourful family life. To increase safety when handling sharp knives and hot cooking utensils, a combination of several light sources is recommended. As a centrally positioned light source, the ceiling luminaire creates direct light and illuminates the kitchen brightly and over the entire ceiling. Suitable spotlights or recessed spotlights illuminate work surfaces directly for small jobs and provide the best possible overview. In addition to bright working light, indirect light sources create a pleasant lighting atmosphere in the dining area. With wall luminaires or a stylish pendant luminaire above the dining table, the room can be visually separated by additional accent lighting. With the right interior lighting, you can create a multifunctional kitchen that can withstand any challenge.