Living Room

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Mood lights for harmonious living

The living room is with the most important place for the common family life, here the life plays. Whether for a cosy dinner or fun games evenings with children or friends, the interior lighting plays a decisive role in the feel-good atmosphere. Bright, friendly light or a subdued lighting atmosphere - with the right lighting concept you can create the basis for wonderful moments and a colourful life.

A variety of lighting effects can be created with a mixture of different luminaires. The ceiling luminaire creates a pleasant basic lighting and provides direct light for illuminating the room. You can choose between a combination of several recessed spotlights or a centrally positioned ceiling luminaire according to your own taste and furnishing style.

As indirect light sources, wall luminaires for decorative accents can be attached to the room walls. Wall lamps not only emphasise the structure of the room, but also make it appear larger and emphasise the design of the furnishings.

Floor lamps and table lamps provide cosiness and accentuate special pieces of furniture or room corners. With their indirect lighting, they not only create a pleasant mood light, they also visually enhance the room and round off the overall picture of a harmonious and versatile living room.