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Stylish outdoor lights guide you safely through the darkness. With the right outdoor lighting, you can ensure security around your house and garden. Classic, eye-catching or discreet - with our outdoor lights you bring light into the darkness and give your home an unmistakable design. Solar lamps, path lights and outdoor spotlights show you the way to your front door and around your outdoor facilities. Decorative outdoor lights, ceiling lamps and wall lights generate indirect light and conjure up the perfect ambience for a glass of wine on the terrace with their cosy mood lighting.

To guarantee a long service life, outdoor luminaires must be weatherproof and able to withstand dirt and water. The so-called IP protection class provides information on whether and to what extent your luminaire can withstand natural environmental influences. The first digit indicates protection against foreign bodies and contact, e.g. insects. The second digit classifies the tightness of the luminaire against water and moisture. The most important types of protection at a glance:

IP23 - the luminaire is water spray protected, e.g. recessed spotlight on front door and canopy
IP44 - the luminaire is splash-proof, e.g. luminaires on a house wall
IP65 - the luminaire is protected against water jets, e.g. recessed floor luminaires protected by canopy
IP67 - the luminaire is waterproof, e.g. free-standing luminaires on paths
IP68 - the luminaire is waterproof under water, e.g. pond luminaires